Thursday, December 6, 2007

About The Weather...

The past few days my babies, myself and my husband have been feeling a bit under the weather. This was due to the changes in weather conditions.
I used to live in the state of Pennsylvania and you know how the East Coast weather is, at least it stays cold on winters. The Texas weather is somewhat erratic and I don't like that. Like it might be really cold today and then warm tomorrow. I think that most people get sick when their body temperature can't take the 'sudden shock' of the erratic changes in weather.

I think that I've been sick more so here than when I used to live back in the East Coast.

Anyways, my babies are doing better now. Gabriel, my toddler, was the one who got hit harder by the cold virus. My little one Jaden is coughing a little
but is now getting better too. Hubby and I are fine, just a few sniffles here and there. Hopefully by the weekend we will all be feeling better. We will have our moms group Christmas party on Sunday and I sure do hope
we will be all feeling great by then. :)