Monday, December 10, 2007

It Was A Busy Weekend..

Yes, I had a nice weekend. Saturday morning, my new friend Liza from my moms group came over my place and took our family Christmas pictures. She's into photography and practicing her photography skills so I told her when she offered it to the moms for free that she could practice it on us, LOL. Wow, it was a real treat. I felt like we had a lot of money and was ale to have somebody professional to come over take our family photos for the holidays.

Sunday was another special treat. I got to see my awesome moms and their families and had our group Christmas party! It was a treat seeing everyone and all the fun we had shared. Lots of food and the kids had exchange gifts which were a nice treat for them as well. By the way, I ended up making potato and sausage casserole (which I think turned out too salty for my taste), and chocolate pecan pies which I think tasted great. With that said, I will be making both again, but with variations to the salt portion on the casserole.

December 22nd is my little son's baptism day by the way. It will be a small gathering with a few close friends at our house and will be a sort of a Christmas party also. So now I am planning my menu on that. :)