Thursday, December 6, 2007

What's Your Girl Smell?

Your Scent is Rose

Delicate, feminine, and soft
Your personality is fresh and understated

Got this little fun quiz on "What's Your Girl Smell?" over at Carrie's blog: Rantings Of A Woman. Wow, since I love girl smell are roses! That's so true. :)

So what's your girl smell? Take the quiz and post your comments here when you're done and I will check it out too! :)


Carrie Smith said...

Oh the smell of roses. How nice...much better than pumpkin pie...

have a great night

Carrie Smith said...

Me again...

I have some awards for you :0)

nighty night

suchsimplepleasures said...

my scent is lemon...vivacious and tangy...a ball of energy. i wonder how they came up with that...i'm the laziest person i know!
take care!

Shoshana said...

Jocelyn, it seems like I smell like pumpkin pie. I don't eat pumpkin pie, but there you have it!

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