Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Love Oysters!

I am a lover of seafood and one of my favorites are oysters. I literally grew up with oysters. Back home in the Philippines when I was little, my family used to have a fishing business so we have all kinds of fish and seafood available all the time. I love shrimp and oysters the most. My mother used to cook oysters with lots of garlic and some type of vinegar sauce to go with it. Mmmm..yummy!

By the way, I stumbled upon this website called It's a website that's very educational in regards to proper oyster consumption and how one can avoid the risk of getting the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria from eating raw or undercooked oysters.

There's also a very helpful information on the website about how Gulf oysters undergo post-harvest treatment processes which are (1): individual quick-freezing (IQF), low heat pasteurization or heat-cool pasteurization (HCP), and high-hydrostatic pressure (HPP).

To learn more about oysters and these treatment processes, please go to: