Thursday, February 28, 2008

Naked Naturals Hair Care Line

I have straight, thick hair and I think it's one of my best physical assets. I never had any problem with thinning or brittle hair until I started having them colored at the salon so much for the past six years. My problem wasn't about thinning hair but more so about brittle, loose hair especially after I shampoo and rinse my hair in the shower.

So I signed up to try this hair care product line called naked naturals because I read about how effective they are about making one's hair stronger. Soon as I received the natural shampoo and conditioner samples in the mail I started using them. Wow, with only a few applications, I noticed a significant difference in my hair's strength. My hair is healthier and shines more naturally. They're no longer brittle and the products actually minimized my problem of losing a lot of hair while in the shower. In my opinion, I think the main reason why Naked Naturals products are effective is because they have natural ingredients. They contain no harsh chemicals or ingredients like Laureth Sulfates, animal by-products, or synthetic fragrances. Instead, it uses the main ingredient Keravis, a natural plant protein that's proven to make your hair up to 3x stronger.