Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nice Day Tuesday

Today was a nice family day sort of. This morning I got to go to the park with my hubby and kiddos. Hubby was off work today due to an appointment earlier this morning. After playing at the park, we went to get some hot good lunch at a Mexican Grill close by our house. It was a good meal. I had grilled chicken and sopapillas (yum!) for dessert. I love it! :)

When we came back to the house after lunch we noticed the lawn need some TLC- the weeds in the front lawn look ugly. But then we decided it's better we give it over to the professional lawn mowers who do our lawn in the summer. We thought they'd do a better job than us. LOL.

Overall, today was a real nice day. I got to write a nice review on Hip Mama's Place, got to write here a bit then still was able to spend nice, quality time with my family. :)

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Kristi said...

We were outside today too but with almost all of the snow melted other than a few patches, I spent the time wishing I cold start on lawn work. I love working on the lawn and sprucing it up after the winter. Unfortunately, I think we have one or two more snow bouts ahead before spring will be here.