Monday, March 31, 2008

RevGenetics on Barbara Walters Show

There are probably thousands of medical research being conducted at present to find the answers to help combat cancer, diabetes and other age-related illnesses.

RevGenetics is engineering supplement products that harness the power of resveratrol, the "red wine molecule" that is becoming notorious in the medical field for its potential to help combat cancer, viral infections, and the effects of diabetes, as well as age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer's and arthritis. Their R300 and R500 capsules claims to offer the highest concentration of resveratrol currently on the market, providing dosage equal to that used in the well-known Harvard Medical School study conducted by David Sinclair. In the study, resveratrol was found to increase the lifespan of obese mice by preventing most side effects associated with high calorie diets.

Barbara Walters is doing a special on "living to 150" in her show. She will be interviewing Dr. David Sinclair about their resvertrol formulation. RevGenetics sells U.S. Lab Tested Resveratrol which is the only one tested by Biomol. Biomol and Dr. David Sinclair discovered Resveratrol as the most potent activator of the SIRT1 Gene.

At this time, Sirtris and Dr. sinclair do not sell any resveratrol products at this time, but anyone can get quality resveratrol that has been tested by Biomol for SIRT1gene activation through RevGenetics.


Tammy said...

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Cathy said...

I read about it Jo, it's pretty amazing. Living up to 150 years old sounds good. I wonder what the world would be like by then?

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