Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Helping Out A Friend

Yesterday morning, I received a call from my mom friend Judi asking me to help her out with watching her toddler while she takes her four month old son to the doctor. Her baby had some kind of rash around his genital area and I told her the day before that she needs to take him to the doctor just to be sure. So I guess she took the advice and went and made an appointment.

Anyways, it was a really nice afternoon yesterday at my friend's place- got to see her and her kids and I got to have some adobo for lunch with her- a famous Filipino dish made with a lot of garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf, and pepper...Mmmm..yumm!

My kids had a nice time playing with Judi's kids too- we messed up her house by the time we left. But sure it made me happy that I'm able to help a friend out- and got to spend time outside and have some real adult conversation- something I don't get to have a lot being a stay at home mom. LOL.


Cathy said...

Good to hear you spent some time with Judi Jo. I wish she was near the house that I could help her out sometime.

Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

good for both of you... bonding time... me and ysah went to the library and bought some plants for your yard.. i'll plant some flower infront later in the afternoon... yesterday we were out all day library, dr. appointment, lunch with hubby and then we had some time to go to a bookstore to get some books..

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