Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thinking About Costumes

I was just looking at some pictures of my boys and saw this one photo where my toddler Gabriel was wearing his very first Halloween costume. He looked so adorable!
Now I'm starting to think about new costumes for him and my little one year old boy Jaden. I'm probably going to check out this Kids Halloween Costumes store again.


Carrie Smith said...

I am tagging you with a meme on my jabber jaws blog (relationship meme) and / or another one word meme on my new "as I see it" blog.

take care

Kristi said...

I love Halloween. I don't pay attention to all the "spirits" stuff. It is just so fun to put my kids in costumes. My boys wear their costumes the whole rest of the year for dress up.

Tammy said...

Just stopping by to say "Hi" and I was wondering if you want me to email you the pictures I posted of my jewelery wrap or do you just want to take them off my blog?