Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who is Paul McMann?

So who is Paul McMann?

Paul McMann is best known for his work in real estate, but his distinguished career has followed a circuitous path. From working as a financial services sales representative to teaching finance as a college professor to building his own real estate development company, Paul McMann has always tried to pursue interests that merge his personal passion with his keen business sense.

As a member of the Commonwealth Advisors Group, LLC, Paul McMann’s most recent achievement was being named as an affiliate with Blue Coast Financial Group. McMann will be working with Blue Coast as a Workers Comp and Electricity Deregulation financial advisor.

Paul McMann has taught financial and management accounting at both the undergraduate and graduate level, most notably as a professor at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He has led several performance measurement and management accounting methodology seminars and published a number of scholarly articles, including "You May Need New Performance Measures When...," an article co-authored by Paul McMann and Joseph M. Orlando that appeared in the Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement.

Paul McMann used his financial and academic skills to channel his lifelong love of basketball into a visionary endeavor dedicated to helping college basketball players fulfill their hoop dreams. In 1998, McMann helped reform college athletics with the Collegiate Professional Basketball League (CPBL). McMann served as Founder and President of the now defunct league, using his financial sales experience to broker huge internet sponsorships that allow talented players to receive an education—and a paycheck.

Paul McMann now focuses on real estate development in and around the MetroWest Massachusetts area. He currently resides in Weston, Maassachusetts and still writes for various publications, where he is credited as either Paul McMann or Paul J. McMann.