Thursday, May 15, 2008

Errands Day

I got to do some errands today, so I am quite happy. I am also trying to clean out our closets, get rid of clothes that we don't wear anymore or things that are just junking the house. I did a little Ebaying and actually sold my first Ebay item- which was an unused baby outfit. I'm happy. I'm not a very Ebay-savvy person but I think I'm learning. I got way too much toys, clothes, and things that we really don't use anymore so today I went to the local consignment store and inquired about what things they will accept to consign. I might bring some of the nice things we have there. I'm sure somebody else could put them to good use.

Some nice extra cash too, right? ;)

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Cathy said...

Good thinking Jo!

I am doing a garagae sale myself the weekend for Aviia's birthday. We have accumulated so much stuff, it's amazing! That would be some funds I could use for the party, :D