Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jason Castro Eliminated On American Idol!

My boyfriend Jason Castro, who happens to be from my very own Dallas, Texas, got booted off last night at American Idol's elimination round. I'll be honest though. He was good in past performances, but I wasn't crazy about his "I Shot the Sheriff" version. That's one of the classic songs by Bob Marley that I like by the way, but his own rendition didn't really do justice to the classic-ness of this song. Oh well... I do love the guy for his cuteness and laid-backness. I saw him on my local Fox TV news this morning and he's so like, "Yeah, whatever", when asked if he was okay being eliminated. He's just so adorable! :)

Alright now, here's a YouTube video of his elimination last night.

Bye, bye Jason! Hope to see you around even after Idol. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi darling!, Glad you like the ube. I told Mandy to sign up too.

Vhiel said...

yeah i saw the elimination last night..

by the way, the widget, i sent it though your email on the hipmama... i think it was was it let me know if you got it..


Tammy said...

My daughter is ga-ga over David Archuletta. She calls him her future boyfriend. hehehe

Vanessa Rios said...

I didn't get to see it yet (his performance), but I can't imagine him not being adorable! You're right, he's just too cute!!!