Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lawn Tennis

I've always loved the game of lawn tennis even as a kid. When I was little, we used to live close to a tennis tournament club where my parents would take us to watch lawn tennis games. I even dreamed of becoming one when I grow up. Of course, that didn't happen. I only went so far as to getting a beginner's class when I was in college, which I did not follow through and now I completely forgot all the moves and tricks. Then when I dated my husband, he got me into it again so we went out to play it a few times. That was about five years ago!

Anyways, I'm talking about tennis because I saw an article online about the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Tournament happening on June 23rd-July 6th in Wimbledon, England. Wow, if we could only afford to get Wimbledon tickets, I would love to be there and see the whole action! Of course, I would love to have tickets that would seat us close to the courts. That would be really fantastic!

One thing that also intrigued me about the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament article is it had a link to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. Wow, that place is spectacular! Its got a cinema that features a 200° screen that immerses the viewer into the world of The Championships by showing a film about the science of tennis, display of the Championship Trophies, and a 'walk-through' of the men's dressing room as it was in the 1980s, with the famous John McEnroe.