Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Little Jaden Is Walking Now!

*At four months old

It seems only yesterday when I had my baby Jaden. He was born March 2nd, 2007. Now he's 14 months old and has just started taking his first steps a week ago! I can't help feeling so excited looking at him stand up and struggle to walk and then fall, only to try again. He's so adorable right now that this morning I asked dear hubby to show me how to use our video camera again. I totally forgot how to use it! Must have been a year since I haven't used it myself. I've just been so pre-occupied with a lot of things lately that I almost ignored the fact that my kids will appreciate the video library of their childhood when they grow up. So yes, I am going to start taking videos of my kids again. :)

*At twelve months old

Anyways, here are a few cute shots of when Jaden is still a baby up to the present. :)

*What a pout! LOL. (Taken recently at a friend's party. Thanks again, Liza- for this beautiful picture).


Vhiel said...

he sure does looks cute on those pictures... you know what jo, isabella started walking when she was 14 months also.. lol

Petula Wright said...

Oh wow! Not only are we close in age, but my youngest is close in age to your sweetie. She was born May 26th! She's been taking a few steps and does pretty well. How cool, huh?

Cathy said...

That's so good Jo.

He is getting cuter and cuter everyday.

Tammy said...

He is absolutely adorable!