Monday, May 19, 2008

Weight Thoughts

So this week I re-started my cereal diet, in the hopes of losing a few more pounds. I think I feel and look a little better than the last few months. But I gotta do a lot more. I know getting into a regular workout right now is just too impossible.
But I do still weigh myself from time to time. I use our bathroom scale whenver I remember to use it. Although I do need a new one- a digital weighing scale maybe.

I saw some cool digital scales online that were really easy on the budget and look stylish. It's at


Cathy said...

My husband and I are competing on this one. Our target date is Nov 10 and the price? $800! I can imagine that Gucci bag I've been wanting for a while... on the other hand, gotta lose that weight first :D

Good luck on yours too!

slouching mom said...

just remember not to weigh yourself too frequently because of daily fluctuations in water weight.

once a week should do it...