Tuesday, June 17, 2008

$15 Prescription Eyeglasses? Wow!

These days, prices are soaring high on just about anything you buy. But here's good news for you all prescription eyeglass wearers out there! Do you know that you can get prescription eyeglasses that cost only $15 a pair? Is this possible?

Yes, at Optical4Less.com, you can get a pair for only $15! A much cheaper way than buying them at your regular retail eyeglasses store. This is a complete pair of prescription eye glasses that includes the frame, prescription lenses with anti-reflective coatings, UV coatings, cololerful stylish case, and microfibre cleaning cloth. But you would think if it's that cheap then it must be of low quality! Well, you are wrong. These are high quality as well as stylish eyeglasses.

I checked out the website myself and they carry almost all styles of eyeglasses like the rimless, semirimless, hingeless, plastic, alloy, titanium, bendable, clipon- you name it! And- if you want to save more money, check out their overstock section. New arrivals section also is a great place to look for new styles or designs in eyeglasses.

I like small frames eyeglasses and I am looking into getting one for myself- for reading purposes. So this is definitely a place I want to check out for it!