Friday, June 13, 2008

First and Last Meme

I was tagged by Tammy with this First and Last Meme. I'll try and remember my firsts and lasts... so here goes mine:

First Real Job - Working for a small women's boutique while on sumer vacation in college

First Screen Name - Jo (which is my nickname, actually)

First Funeral - a neighbor when I was about 8.

First Pet - A dog owned by our family when I was little but I never owned one- ever- myself. I know..I'm just not into pets.

First Piercing - My ears, and that's the only piercing I will ever have or get

First Tattoo - Nada

First Credit Card - Got my first one when I got married!

First Kiss - An older neighbor who stoled it from me when I was about 12- yuck! I got so mad I didn't talk to him ever again!

First Enemy - None that I can remember

Last Car Ride - This morning with hubby and kids doing errands

Last Kiss - My two lovey dovey boys always get kisses from me. Gabriel loves to do the smack kiss to me now too.

I'm tagging anyone reading my blog. :)

1 Comment:

Tammy said...

Thanks for doing the meme! Hope you have a great weekend my friend! :o)