Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Island Getaway!

Now tell me if this beautiful scenery does not make you want to pack up your bags and head over to the nearest island you can get away to! :)

Can you tell I am very excited about my homecoming to the Philippines? I am going there in less than four weeks- yes, less than FOUR weeks only! So now I am thinking of places that I can get away to. My sister just told me there's this beautiful island we can check out. I mean, who knows how much it's gonna cost me. But maybe, just maybe...we can find some island that looks and feels like St Thomas Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands and find some lovely villa somewhere to rent. Maybe villas like the ones listed on St. Thomas villa rentals. Oh wow, am I really daydreaming!


Tammy said...

That's gorgeous! Can I come with you?

Cathy said...

That pool looks so inviting! I bet it's a good vacation place. Hmm, I'll keep dreaming :)

Elisa said...

That's absolutely gorgeous! I'm freaking out about our vacation... I am definitely not beach-ready!