Monday, June 23, 2008

Orlando, Florida

Have you ever been to Orlando, Florida?

If you haven't been there, you'll be surprised at all the wonderful sights and recreations they offer. Of course, how could one miss the famous theme parks like Disney and Sea World? Then there are the Kennedy Space Center, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, and many more! You'll be surprised to know that there are lots of things to do in Orlando. For example, you could go watch the Medieval Times Tournament and have dinner, or ride a hot air balloon!

I remember last 2005, when our Gabriel was only three months old- we drove from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando to escape the wrath of Wilma (storm). We rented a hotle close to Downtown Disney and stayed there for a few days. It was such a blast! I love Disney a lot- it brings out the inner child in me!

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Kristi said...

I just added a ticker to my blog for our Disney countdown. We are also planning to travel a short distance and attend Spring Training for the Tigers one day while we're down there.