Monday, June 16, 2008

Sheryl Crow On Motherhood and Healthy Child Healthy World

Sheryl Crow is undeniably one of the best country/pop singers of our time and definitely one my top favorite artists. She is a passionate advocate for a green, sustainable future and, as a new mother, puts a lot of thought (and action!) into how our planet's health relates directly to our children's health. She is a fan of the work done by Healthy Child Healthy World and in this video encourages all of us to do our part by making responsible choices and following the 5 Easy Steps.

Step 1
Manage Pests Safely Pest control products like pesticides and flea collars contain some of the most toxic substances found in the average home. Learn what to look out for and what to use instead.

Step 2
Buy Non-Toxic Products Household cleaners, personal care products, and even home furnishings often expose us to unhealthy chemicals. Here's how to keep things clean and fresh without these worries.

Step 3
Clean Up Indoor Air Remarkably, the air inside the average home is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. These crucial ideas will make sure you and your baby breathe a whole lot easier.

Step 4
Eat Healthy, Shop Organically From pesticide residues to synthetic chemicals, conventional foods contain a host of unhealthy things we shouldn't eat. Learn what to eat instead and why organic food is best.

Step 5
Be Smart About Plastics All kinds of plastics are used in everything from food containers to toys. Find out which are safe, which aren't, and how to steer clear of any unhealthy chemicals they can expose us to.