Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweetest Address There Is...

I must have received the same complements on my 'sweet address' so many times that I feel I just had to share it.

You know, my address goes like this (numbers changed due to privacy):

1234 Wildflower Lane
Flower Mound, TX 76111

And I always get this complement: "That's the sweetest address I've ever heard!". LOL. Maybe because it always says "flower" in it. :)

And then today, I received an item in the mail for review on Hip Mama's Place, and the advertiser says in her thank you card to me: "Your address couldn't be any more sweeter! I just had to say that!".

Funny. :)

1 Comment:

Vhiel said...

well.. don't you just love about that about your address... i know with our address... we always say.. "you know the car elcamino.. bec thats our street address..

and by the way.. you found my new blog.. yup.. just started the blog... its my techie, blogging resources, internet, computer type of blog..hahahaha....