Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goin' Back to the Gym

Last week, I started going back to the gym. I signed up at the Clark Hatch Fitness Gym close to our house so I can try and go there at least 4 times a week. I also signed up to get a few sessions with a personal trainer so I have a little program/exercise routine to follow even when I get back to the U.S.

So far it's going great. I was happy to know I'm not obese- just need fitness (according to the body fat measurement the trainer did on me). I am 110 lbs right now and my goal is to lose 20 lbs! My real problem is my upper body (abs and arms). My lower body still looks okay. I had to control my diet too- for some reason since I was pregnant with Gabriel three years ago, I doubled my usual meal portions. I eat like a pig.

Every time I eat now, I have to make a mental note on my meal portions and remind myself about my fitness goals. Wish me luck, friends! :)


Tammy said...

Good for you! I need to start exercising more.

Petula Wright said...

Good luck! You can do it! I'd like to get a personal trainer too... I've heard having one can make a huge difference.

Cathy said...

Good for you! I tried. But the more I think of it the harder it is. So I'm taking one step at a time.