Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Fascination With Stickers

My three year old son Gabriel's new fascination is with stickers. He loves peeling off stickers and sticking them on puzzle books.

So today I went to the bookstore and bought him a few of those two-in-one coloring and sticker books.

*Play Scene Sticker Set by MudPuppy, valued @ $11, being given away to one lucky reader on Hip Mama's Place right now!

He must have spent a full hour just peeling off stickers and sticking them on the puzzle book pages. Playing with stickers is also a wonderful time to bond with him and educate him at the same time as I show him names of things, animals, and other everyday things that are on the stickers. I am glad he likes to play with stickers, instead of sticking his face close to the TV screen for Sesame Street or Teletubbies all the time. :)