Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kraft Bagel-fuls...Cream-Cheesy Good!

About a couple months ago, I posted on here that Hip Mama Blog was lucky to have been contacted to be one of the few mom blogs to sample and review Kraft's new bakery product Kraft Bagel-fuls- a golden bagel that comes filled with yummy Philadelphia cream cheese.

My family tried all 5 delicious varieties of Kraft Bagel-fuls: Original, Cinnamon, Whole Grain, Strawberry, and Chive. My top favorite is the Whole Grain followed by the Cinnamon.

Both my husband and our three year old Gabriel loves the Original and the Strawberry flavors. Our one year old Jaden is not into bagels these days, although he didn't mind it when I gave him a bit of the Whole Grain.

A good source of calcium and seven other vitamins and minerals, Kraft Bagel-fuls only has 200 calories (or less), 5 grams of fat, 200 mg sodium and 0 transfat, so it's clearly a good choice for the whole family!

How to prepare : just heat each bagel in the microwave or toast it for less than two minutes and you got yourself a warm, yummy cream cheese-filled breakfast or snack.

Available now in the frozen breakfast aisle at your leading grocery or club stores!


Tammy said...

Those look really good. We don't have them here where I live. :o(

Carrie Smith said...

Those look sooooo goooood. I have been looking at them in the stores!

It's been forever but I think I am finally getting back into blogging but just in time to go back to work. We will see how I juggle everything.

Hope you are having a great summer!


take care