Monday, August 4, 2008

A Mother's Advice About Spending Money On Toys

I saw my bestfriend in high school named Sigrid last Friday- after four years. We're both mothers and of course our conversations were mostly about our kids. She has a seven year old little boy and she prevents him from playing too much video games during the week- even refusing to buy him an xbox 360 even when she can afford it. She was also telling me how when she takes him to go shopping, that she gives him a specific amount of money or a certain budget to buy a toy he wants. She said it has worked well for her because now her little boy doesn't just take any expensive toy off the shelf at the store. It's teaching her kid how to spend money and budgeting on his own.

Good advice..what d'ya all think?

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Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Hi there. I'm going through this with my five-year-old son at the moment. He's coveting everything his friends have at school and was becoming very "I want, I want". So we are now teaching him to save up to buy the things he wants, which has been great in teaching him the value of things and that you have to 'work' to have nice things. And he's been really good about it. We give him all our coppers and whenever someone gives him some money it goes straight in his money box. We've also told him he can 'earn' some money over the holidays by doing simple jobs.
He's saving up for a Doctor Who mask thing this week. Last week it was a Pokemon figure and the week before that a SpiderMan arm blaster thing!