Sunday, August 31, 2008

Visiting From Out-of-Town

My Aunt Naida (my dad's younger sister) who lives in a town called Kibungsod, located about five hours southwest of Cagayan de Oro City where my family lives, visited us this past weekend. She was glad to see me again after four years. She was also happy to have met my two little boys for the first time.

As always, we talk about life in general. Her own youngest daughter Lucille recently left for Tampa, Florida who is engaged to be married there to a guy named Bob. I told Aunt Naida she could use my laptop so she can chat with Lucille and her husband to-be while she's here in CDO. She was so happy when they did. I usually don't use my laptop webcam when doing IM with people but this time we did so my aunt could see Lucille and Bob while they were talking. They talked for a long time. The conversation went from the weather, to lifestyle, to working in the U.S., to looking for a good blood pressure monitor for my aunt. They enjoyed chatting online a lot and now my aunt is now thinking of getting her own internet connection at their house in Kibungsod. The only thing is that because it is a small town, an internet network connection might not be available in Kibungsod yet. Anyways, I was glad my aunt saved on international long distance calls by just using the internet while she was here. And she was very grateful for it.