Saturday, September 27, 2008

Truck Driving

My young nephew recently bought a new motorcycle. It's a sleek, brand new Yamaha. He wants to get into the meat delivery business and wanted to use his new motorcycle for this purpose.

His father (my brother) did not approve of this idea. He'd rather have my nephew go to a truck driving school to get his CDL training. My brother thinks this is more of a long-term type of skill that his son can acquire and put to good use and eventually, earn money from.

In my opinion as a parent, I think that we should just let our children decide what they want to do for themselves. I always believe that a person can be successful about any vocation he decides to pursue- as long as there is will, hard work, and determination.

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Tammy said...

When my little brother was in his early 20's he bought a motorcycle and boy was my dad mad!!!