Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hip Mama's Place 2008 Christmas Giveaway Event!

Hello my dear fellow bloggers,

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted here on my personal blog.

It has just been a hectic past two weeks for me. As you all know, my family just moved to a new place. Trying to get things organized around the house..among other things, has kept me really, really occupied these days.

Anyway, if you still want to catch me on the blogospshere, I mostly post on my other review blog Hip Mama's Place.

And I'd like to announce to you all that I've prepared a special Christmas treat to all my dear Hip Mama's Place readers.

Yes, starting tomorrow, November 20th through December 4th, 2008, Hip Mama's Place is hosting a Christmas Giveaway Event for you all. Lots of fabulous prizes will be given away! This Christmas, you might not even have to buy too many presents for the special people on your Christmas gift list. You could win prizes on Hip Mama's Place for the whole family! :)

To learn more, go to: The announcement will be posted there first thing tomorrow, so please mark your calendars. Thanks for coming by my blog today! :)


Petula said...

Sounds like a great giveaway... I'll definitely have to come by and participate. :D

Vhiel said...

hi mama... that's me too been busy with different

it sounds like a lot of prizes .. i will stop by on your other blog..

sweetytots said...

cool... you also have a giveaway, I have an ongoing Giveaway at my site sweetytots the prize is one month membership in an exclusive creative school, where your kids may want to learn to sing,do arts&craft, cooking, photography and a lot more. Id like to invite you to join.. Please visit sweetytots for more info

Sandra Carvalho said...

A giveaway uhh? :))
Nice !