Thursday, December 18, 2008

What A Week

This week was just unbelievably disastrous.

It started Monday morning when I had to leave my new job early because my little Jaden was throwing up sick at the daycare. Yes, it was the first day for all of us! Me at my new job and my boys at their daycare. Ugh!

To make the long story short, I had to take Jaden to his doctor who later recommended that I take Jaden to the ER which I did. That night, he had to be admitted at the hospital pediatrics for further treatment. My little Jaden was actually being a god boy at the hospital the whole time. He had on his little hospital gown and he looked so adorably cute in it. I didn't feel too bad looking at him in his hospital bed. Except for the time when the nurses took him to another room to take his bloodwork and I could hear his little painful screams. I cried briefly, but at the same time I know it had to be done. When he came back to his room, he was fine again. At first, he was tring to take his IV off his little right arm. But eventually he was okay with it and seemed to understand the whole situation later. My baby Jaden is the cutest in the world even when he is sick!

Tuesday, I went back to my job and Joe (their dad) had to take the day off work to stay with Jaden at the hospital. Gabriel (our three year old) and I went home Monday night and I dropped him off at the daycare the next day.

Tuesday night Jaden was already home from the hospital. Thank God it wasn't that bad for him.

The whole day yesterday went fine. Until last night... Gabriel caught a flu virus at the daycare (we suspect) and today Thursday I had to call off work again to stay home with my boys. My manager at my new job is a very nice lady and was understanding of the whole situation last Monday. So hopefully what happened today wouldn't be bad for me.

I know. These are the days when I scream for help. I'm fine. But yes, it would be nice if I have my family and friends close by. But I guess we all have to make do of what we have. I am managing fine. I really do. But I just wish...


Cathy said...

Oh how I wish we are close too Jo so we can help. I remember those nights at the ER. We've been there too.

YOu are strong and I know you can handle it. Give my love to the boys.

Take care of yourself as well.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh boy!...Poor friend of mine!...I'm too acquainted with that feeling!...
*bear hug*!