Saturday, November 28, 2009

Travel Tips

(I took this photo while visiting Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, Colorado last August 2009)

Do you have any upcoming travel plans this holiday season?

I was just browsing through this website that offered tips for packing for a holiday trip and there were two valuable tips that I'd like to share to you all:

1. Bags will hold more if the clothes are rolled rather than folded. If you roll in tissue paper, the clothes will also get less wrinkled.

2. While it is a good idea to take some small gifts with you while traveling, pre-wrapping them can be a waste of time if you are flying and your bags are opened.

Dan and I are planning to go to Georgia after Christmas to visit his grandmother there. I'm already thinking about what to pack for this trip and the kind of luggage I'm going to use. I have one similar to a Rimowa, which works great everytime.

How about you? Any travel plans for the holiday? Do you have any helpful tips to offer for holiday traveling? Share them here!