Friday, February 26, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party

My little boy Jaden is turning three on March 2nd. I was looking for birthday ideas that won't break the budget and yet, fun. Gabriel had his 4th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's last year so I really didn't want to do that again for Jaden this year. But alas, after all the considerations on costs, we ended up reserving another birthday party at the same location. Oh, well. It will be Jaden's first big birthday party anyway, and we figured- kids always have fun at Chuck E Cheese's. If only there was a deal of the day when I made the party reservation- just to save some money.

Jaden really enjoys playing with his brother's Thomas the Tank trains now so we chose Thomas for his birthday theme. So yesterday, I bought the Thomas cake, ordered the balloons and got some cool party favor stuff for the kids at our local party store. So we're all set for his birthday party on Tuesday night! :)