Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mommy and Me Monday

Yesterday was quite eventful (and a bit stressful too). I went to a "Mommy and Me" event at the Dallas Arboretum with of course, my two little ones (2 year old and 7 month old) and my other mom friend Cathy and her 4 month old daughter. This was another event for our moms group. I really wanted to check out this famous Dallas nature spot so I was very excited to go.

I could say, we really enjoyed the event. It was held in an outdoor grassy area with grown trees all around. The place is part of the arboretum called the Pecan Grove. My two year old Gabriel enjoyed running all over the place and enjoyed all the pumpkins. There were lots of mommies with their kids also. We participated in a Kindermusik class while we were there and took lots of cool pictures with our kids.

The only minus to this event was that the air was too humid and we were all sweating like crazy so we had to cut the outing short. We then went to have lunch at a nearby Filipino restaurant afterwards. My 2 year old was already tired and cranky by this time and didn't like being strapped in the high chair, so we had to leave sooner too..ugh!

I told my friend Cathy that I usually don't go out to outdoor events or restaurants by myself with my little ones. I always do these types of actvities with my hubby. So yeah, I could say I enjoyed these activities but just it was a little stressful for me. I was soooooooo tired I went to sleep real early last night--at about 10:30 PM..which is rare. I usually go around midnight or 1AM. But I guess, I'm not complaining. We still went home tired, but happy. :)


texas_sweetie said...

Hi Jo, ka nice sa pic.I always wanted to go to Dallas Arboretum pero tapuls paman ni manoy mo drive oi. Basin sunod higayon nga nana koy bitbiton nga baby sugot na siya. Lagi oi init kaau kanus a pani mo hupa tawn.oK I will join the group kay para sadya sad. Happy Tuesday to u!

Tammy said...

I took my 2 year old son and my 3 year old niece to the grocery store the other day, never again! I forgot how hard it was taking two little ones out by myself.

Carrie Smith said...

Nice pictures...it turned out so well...great job capturing the moment!

I am tagging you with an all about me Meme....let's see what you have to say and we will get to know each other better!

Childlife said...

Too cute! I LOVE this picture : )

I know what you mean about outdoor events though. I always prefer to have an extra set of hands around when I attempt such things!

Ana P. S. said...

Hi Jocelyn, thanks for hopping by sa blog ko. By the way, ang cute ng mga kids here. Great pics. As for my location pala, we are currently residing in Michigan. How about you, where do you live here in the U.S.?