Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Borba Beauty Blog

I first heard of the name Borba skin care line back when I had problems breaking out in my facial area and I was online reading skin care sites and blogs.

Now Borba just came out with their own blog. Here, they talk about different topics on skin care and why Borba can help one achieve total beauty- inside and out. The science of Borba Nutraceuticals is the delivery of valuable nutrients directly and efficiently onto your skin from the inside. So rather than treating only surface skin problems like other traditional skin care programs do, BORBA formulates highly nutritious ingestibles that target the inner causes of skin problems. Soon after a few uses of Borba skin care line, your skin will begin to improve itself from within. BORBA Cosmeceuticals also uses antioxidant-rich topicals that adapt to your body’s own unique daily changing chemistry which provides visible skin-enhancing results.

So check out the Borba beauty blog and learn more about Borba skin care products and helpful skin care advice by experts. I was actually looking into it myself. The Clarifying line peeked my interest and might avail of their $25 free gift. Any visitor to their website or blog can get this gift with the purchase of $100 or more at their online store.