Tuesday, February 5, 2008

IZEARanks.com's RealRank On Blogs

If you've been blogging for a while and had your blog's page rank slapped by Google, you probably don't get as much blogging opportunities from PayperPost any more as when you still had a higher page rank.

Well, recently PayperPost just launched the RealRank system, a tool that ranks bloggers based on the actual traffic and influence of their blogs on the web, instead of their Google page rank. Hmmm, just what I need.

I read up about it, and what it is, is a piece of javascript code that is used to collect and report the blog's rank. When you sign up to get your blog use this tool, you can choose either to display your pageviews and reviews or just your blog's RealRank.

I actually signed up for it a few days ago and I like what I'm seeing. It was easy to sign up. If you're already a PPP postie it's even easier to sign up and add your blog. Takes two minutes at the most from the sign up to finish. Then you can have your blog on PPP Blog Ranks.

Right now they are running a $1000 giveaway each week in January for the blog that has the #1 RealRank. Nice money. I wish I could, but I think I'm far from it.

But if you haven't signed up for RealRank yet, go ahead and do it. It might just help you get more PPP opportunities again.

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