Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Remembering San Francisco

During our honeymoon in Las Vegas in late 2003, my husband made a two-day stop in San Francisco. I've always wanted to see the famous long bridge there and tour the main strip of the city even for a bit.

There were lots of things to do in San Francisco. We enjoyed wandering around the city, taking lots of interesting sights, stopping and dining at The Fisherman's Wharf. It was already late November so it was a bit chilly but we didn't mind it. I wished we could have stayed longer though.

So now that we have kids, we don't travel as much anymore as we used to. But we plan to go somewhere Midwest. I've always been fascinated by those tall, graceful-looking lighthouses even as a little child. That's actually on my "100 Things I want to do before I die" list. :)

We're now gathering up some family vacation ideas for this year. I saw this ad about a company called Trusted Tours & Attractions that offers and sells tickets to sightseeing tours, attractions and museums in key cities like Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Key West, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and more. It looks like a good site to check out. They even have a promotion going on where anyone who signs up for their newsletter can
win a free digital camera.

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Carrie Smith said...

Now that the kids are back in school after the snow storm I have been trying to catch up on visiting everyone blog. I have many old and NEW blogs to check out and this in my quest for today.
I hope you had a great weekend with your family.