Friday, February 8, 2008

The Secret To Being Happy

You might have heard of The Sedona Method that's been sweeping the 'happiness wave' today.

I read up about it a bit and what it is, is a method to spread happiness, peace and well-being. The Sedona Method started out in the early 1970's as a retreat in Sedona, Arizona (which by the way, where my husband and I were married) by the "Secret Tecaher" and co-founder Hale Dwoskin. The retreat was a hit with around 180 participants from 12 different countries, all expressed gratitude for having learned so much from the teachings and the enlightenment they've gained after The Sedona Method retreat.

One participant Kagan Bayraktaroglu, Istanbul, Turkey stated, “As a therapist, I am familiar with methods around the world. When you do therapy with someone, you try to fit their problems in a box and you are mostly looking for a reason. All methods I’ve worked with have done this. The Sedona Method clarifies that we don’t need to try to solve a problem. Going with the flow is what really matters.”

Wow, that is such a statement. The Sedona Method promises to show everyone the secret to mastering The Secret and Being Truly Happy.

You may have heard and maybe even read the mega best-selling book "The Secret", which I've been wanting to read myself if only I got the time. Well, this book is based on The Sedona Method. The bestsellilng author, Marci Shimoff, is a Sedona Method graduate herself and she's coming out with a new book, "Happy for No Reason", also discusses The Sedona Method in one of the chapters, including the famous actress (and daughter of Ernest Hemingway) Mariel Hemingway’s touching story of how she had success with this method.


Tammy said...

There is a saying that goes "If Mom ain't happy, then no one is happy". I believe that is true. Have a great weekend!

Tammy said...

I almost forgot that I'm tagging you with a meme.