Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Skin Health Today, A World Talk Radio Show

Every now and then I still get bouts of adult acne on my face. It's not severe or serious, but because I have a slightly oily skin I tend to get breakouts like this. These last few nights I haven't been slepping well either and it's not helping with the breakouts. I use a skin care routine that was recommended to me by a friend which works for a while but then the breakouts still come back especially when I lack sleep or if I am stressed.

I saw this talk show on World Talk Radio called Skin Health Today and I love how it offers a lot of helpful advice on Skin care.

An excerpt of an article on their website says:

Renowned industry leader, Celeste Hilling, hosts an informative and fun-filled 13-week series that brings together leading experts to help listeners navigate the myths and common misconceptions about skin and beauty. This series lets consumers take charge and start making smart choices for a lifetime of radiant skin and positive self-image. Tune in to World Talk Radio live each Thursday at 12:00p, starting February 14th. Playable versions and downloadable Podcasts of each show are available through the World Talk archives 24 hours after it air.

So check it out, bookmark it, subscribe to its email list and tune in live to the weekly tv show for great skin care advice that really works.

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hi, just passed by do have a nice day..yalor, health is important..