Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sweet-treating the DH :)

This morning while I was feeding my kids breakfast, my DH (dear hubby) asked me if I could give him a 'sweet treat'. So I said, "Uh-uh..what kind of sweet treat?". He answered in a soft, cute voice (the kind where I can't say No).. "Uhmmm.. like nice breakfast in bed and making me a hot bath?". Of course I said, "Oh okay baby, you got it!". LOL.

So I went made him sausage, bacon, toast and eggs for breakfast. While he was eating this in bed and watching a Robert Redford movie on TV, I went made him a hot bath with all the works: a lavender-scented body oil and two drops of tea tree oil (his favorite) to mix with the bath liquid. Ahhhh.. smelled so nice. I told myself, "Hmm, I could use a nice little sweet treat like this myself".

But you know, like the nice and understanding wife that I am, I understand he needs it more as he's been travelling out of town a lot lately. He's been physically worn-out because of it and actually this week and the next, he's going to be away for work-related travel again. Anyways, he loved the bath I made him he gave me a kiss after he got off the bath tub. ;)

So anyways, since I gave him this nice little treat I asked if I could have a 'me time' as well to go shopping today. He agreed and so this afternoon, I'm off to do my shopping- ALONE. Nice! :)