Monday, March 24, 2008

Cracking Up With An Oyster Joke (My Try!)

Hmmm, I'm not good with jokes but I'm gonna go ahead and try my luck at this.

Two oyster friends met for lunch at a non-seafood restaurant one morning. While looking at the menu, they overheard a man and a woman at the other table talking about trying the "Scallopped Oysters" that's on the menu. Soon as they heard this conversation, both oysters quickly left the restaurant. The restaurant manager stopped them at the door and asked why they were leaving. The two oyster friends then told the manager that they were in the wrong restaurant. They meant to go to the next door restaurant called "No Oysters On the Menu Restaurant". Hahaha! Got the joke? :)

Anyways, if you all haven't heard of the Be Oyster Aware website, check it out. It's a very informative place to learn all about oysters and their benefits to your health as well as side effects of eating raw or undercooked oysters, like Gulf oysters.