Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one.

Mine was nice and laid-back. Saturday we took the kiddos to the Easter Egg Hunt with my girlfriend Loyna and her kid and her mom. We were disappointed about the first egg hunt event we wanted to check out because we were late and the event was so short that it was already over even before we got there. There were no eggs or other activities to check out anymore. So we ended up going to a church-hosted egg hunt event close by and it actually turned out better than the first one. My little boys both had a fun time being outdoors in the beautiful weather with mommy and daddy. Gabriel, my toddler enjoyed playing at the bounce house with the other kids who were there. For some reason he wasn't that interested in the egg hunting yet. Hmm, maybe next year when he's a little older.

Sunday was laid-back and lazy. My husband and I just took it easy and stayed home all day, playing with our kids and watching Lifetime movies. We must have watched three of those movies! LOL.

So today I'm just picking up the chores. Before I got into the computer I did my Crunch dance home video exercises and it felt good. Gosh, I don't know the last time I did an exercise like that! I'm on a new mission right now: lose some weight already! :)

Happy Monday, everyone! Have you all checked out Hip Mama's Place lately, by the way? I got new contests going on there right now. You might like what you see. Thanks!

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Cathy said...

Good for you Jo. We had quite a weekend ourselves. Drove everywhere Saturday and yesterday was not quite good as I wanted it to be. Rick had a flu (but he's ok now) and Aviia is teething on top so she's a little cranky these days.

Have a great week!