Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's ABout Time

Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays or any occassion- it seems like watches are one of the most thought of item for gift-giving. Last two Christmases ago, I gave my hubby a gold-tone classic Movado watch. He loved it! Now I'm thinking, I might get my mother in-law a watch for Mother's Day.

I'm looking at this online store called TheWatchery.com. They got all kinds of luxury watches you can imagine- at a fraction of the cost that you pay at retail stores. They even offer free watches with almost all of their customers' purchases. And the 80% off MSRP can't be beat too!

Hmm, now I'm psyched to buy my mom on law a watch. I'm looking at all the beautiful pieces they offer. This discounted store is just great! I could even search based on brand, gender of the person I'm buying it for, and price. What a convenient way to look for what I want!

I like the Tag watches they offer too- something to come back to when I'm ready to buy for myself as well.