Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just Came Back

So most of this morning was spent running errands. My kids and I had a wonderful time at the mall playground too, and mommy got to shop a little bit as well. :)

I went to this discount boutique store that sells handbags that look nice and cheap, LOL. I got me a handbag that's a little over-sized, not the everyday type of bag. But I will be travelling out of the country in a couple months so I figured this bag seem the perfect size to use as a carry-all for my basic things, and a bit of the kiddos' things. I'm sure I will probably have at least two carry-alls, since I will be having my two kiddos with me too. Ahhh..I can't wait to see my siblings again. It's been almost three years since I was home. This travel is still in planning though, no final date or schedule yet. But it's going to happen definitely this year.