Saturday, May 17, 2008

Father's Day Gift Ideas

My girlfriend and I were talking over the phone earlier today and she was asking me if I already have a Father's Day gift for my husband. I told her I haven't even started thinking about it yet, much more getting the actual gift. We talked about so many things and ideas about what to give our husbands this Father's Day. Some items include a pair of shoes, jeans, a bathrobe, a grooming kit, even golf equipment- just because her husband is into golf.

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darbygirl said...

I like to give my Dad gifts that will tap into his emotions (even if he doesn't want me to see them). I gave my Dad a Cake and a Prayer for his birthday and his eyes welled up with tears. The cool thing about the gift was that the website had pre-written gift messages. I was surprised at the quality of the gift and the price. It included the gift card, cake (which was so good we all wanted more) and a framed scripture I selected for my Dad. It had his name on it and was signed from me. After a gift like that, I wondered what I would give him for Father's Day, but I just found out, I can order the cake only with another gift card. Check it out at I think there's a discount code floating around the internet for a discount on Father's Day gifts/