Monday, May 12, 2008

Internet Marketing Services

When a business tries to establish its presence online to drive traffic and sales, they turn to internet marketing services companies for assistance. Global Directive Marketing Initiatives has been in the business of helping websites of major global brands and start-ups alike get their share of incremental sales opportunities to the doorways, telephones and (in the new millennium). GDMI seeks to monitor, understand and leverage consumer use of pre-selected media during the shopping and buying process through a new division they created to translate this insight into online retail, commercial and industrial traffic for businesses across the globe.

A Chicago contextual advertising company, GDMI's fundamental marketing approach is to bring buyers and sellers together through the Internet medium. They will help identify your target audience, craft a relevant message that compels action and fulfilling on the promise of satisfying a potential customer’s need.

Their comprehensive menu of internet marketing services include Natural Search (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Yellow Pages, Social Media, Brand Protection, Web analytics, to name a few.

Whether consumers are using Print Yellow Pages, Internet Yellow Pages or other on-line search marketing services to find your particular product or service, GDMI has the experience and expertise to generate cost effective sales traffic to your doorway, telephone or website.

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