Friday, June 6, 2008

Are You For Taking Diet Pills?

I recently saw an article on a celebrity mag about Hollywood stars who go on a rigid diet and taking diet pills to lose weight rapidly. It's amazing what people really do to make themselves look slim. They go to extremes about diet pills. I admit, I'm not immune to diet pills. I actually tried a popular brand last year through a friend's recommendation. She said taht she read all the diet pill reviews and did a lot of research, then tried this one brand and it worked great for her. Well, people have different experiences and react differently to diet pills because I took the same brand my friend took and it didn't really worked for me.

So how about you, are you open about taking diet pills to lose weight?


Cathy said...

I thought about it so many times but the fear of its side effects keeps me from taking any. :( Guess I'll keep trying.

Moonaroo said...

I had an eating disorder in high school and took diet pills and they made me nauseated and dizzy. High school was a long way back for me, maybe they have improved some. I think that I would rather save for a tummy tuck!