Thursday, June 5, 2008

Business Cards, Photo Magnets, Etc

One of the things that are on my to-do list that I can't seem to get done is getting me a good business card/mommy card type thing. You know how sometimes you meet new people, or even when friends ask you if you have a card handy with your contact information, and you can't give them anything simply don't have one!

So enter the business card or for us mommies, there's now a trend going around about 'mommy cards'. They're nice and sleek and trendy things to have, and I've been wanting to have a set made for me- but it always gets put off and I realized that it's been on my to-do list for maybe almost a year now? LOL.

Speaking of mommy cards and business cards, have you checked out Vista Print recently? Besides business cards, notes and stationery, invitations, or announcements, they also now offer cool calendar magnets that are really cute and very affordable. They are large calendar magnets printed in full color on super smooth vinyl that you can customize with your own design or they can design it for you. It's like 10 pieces for only $12.99- really a neat gift idea or to promote your own brand if you have a business. Which gives me an idea- I might have some done for Christmas gift-giving.

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hey jo... my connection is dragging really.. its frustrating. we actually had a technician come today from time warner to fix our cable but he wasn't able to fix it.. he said the problem is in the main line and somebody is going to fix it either this afternoon or tomorrow.. well right now the connection is fine.. so i dont know if somebody already check the line.. but anyway.. its just frustrating..

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