Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday Fun With Friends!

Saturday was a lot of fun. My baby Jaden and I went to my friend Cathy's house for her daughter Aviia's first birthday party. Cathy by the way is a friend from DFW Fil-Am Hip Mama Meetup Group, which is a group of moms that I organize.

Aviia looked so adorable in her white little birthday dress and was showered with tons of wonderful gifts. We were joking with mommy Cathy if she had another baby shower again- because she was opening the presents for Aviia like a mom-to-be opening her baby shower presents (lol).

So we were in Cathy's house since noon and didn't leave until almost 6PM. It was just nonstop chatting, food, and so much fun! Some of the mommy friends and their kiddos went for a splash at Cathy's very inviting pool. We all had a lot of fun even just watching them through the window in Cathy's kitchen. I must have eaten half of what she prepared. Ugh. Just couldn't resist all the yummy 'pagkain' (food- in Filipino).

I had a blast seeing and chatting with my friends and fellow mommy bloggers too:Loyna, Vhiel, Liza, Shoshana, and Cathy, our hostess.


Vhiel said...

I think everybody had a great time.. even isabella had fun.. but she was out like a light when we were heading home..

Tammy said...

It looks like everyone is having a blast. What a gorgeous pool! I wanna go swimming now. hehehe

Cathy said...

We had fun too! I always do. Wish we could do it more often. And Jaden is such a big boy now, so adorable too. I miss Gabriel.

Dette said...

OMG - it looks like you all had a blast! How fun to be able to hang out with bloggy friends in person, too!!

Can I be just a wee bit jealous? ;)

Happy 1st Birthday to Aviia!!