Monday, June 2, 2008

Scootababy Baby Sling

I was so happy today. I received the Scootababy Baby Carrier to sample and review on Hip Mama's Place. I had been looking for a sturdy, reliable baby sling that I could use for Jaden when we travel to the Philippines next month. There are a lot of baby slings in the market today, but this one is just what I was looking for. Jaden is a big, heavy little guy so I need something that's really gonna stand a 27-hour flight trip. (Gosh, can you imagine that long?). But this baby carrier is just what I need! It's made of dark denim, but the inside is made of soft, plush cotton. So nice!

Stay tuned for a detailed review of this great baby carrier/sling coming to Hip Mama's Place very soon!