Monday, June 2, 2008

Boating Accidents Due To Operating Under the Influence

You hear about fatal boating accidents in the news every now and then. Do you know that in Arizona alone, 50% of all fatal boating accidents that happened there in 2007 were alcohol related? That and 1/3 of all fatal boating accidents nationwide are all alcohol related?

Operating a boat while impaired is just as dangerous — and just as illegal — as drinking while driving a car. So here are a few facts that you should know when operating a boat. The legal limit for blood alcohol is .08 in both driving a car and operating a boat. The penalties are similar too. Just like driving under the influence, Boating Operating Under the Influence is a Class One misdemeanor. So it is important that before operating a boat, a sober operator should be designated.

In Arizona however, Boating Education Online is not required to operate a boat. But educated boaters are 70 percent less likely to be involved in a boating accident. That' why if you are into Arizona Boating, you should consider taking classes which are offered in Arizona statewide, or can be taken online at In addition to learning about the effects of alcohol, a boating safety education course covers other “need to know” boating topics such as carbon monoxide poisoning, life jacket wear, required safety equipment, rules of navigation, and other boating safety laws and responsibilities.


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