Monday, June 30, 2008

Wouldn't This Make You Want To Cry?

I was out all afternoon today running my last few errands before my big trip to the Philippines. Wow, three days more and I will be on the plane with my boys. Excitement, anxiety, sadness- really, it's a mix up of joyful, not-so-joyful emotions. ;)

Anyway, I came back this evening and opened my email inbox to find an email from my very good friend Cathy who I've met from the moms group that I organized here in Dallas about 2 years ago (well, almost..our group will be 2 years old this August).

She wrote this for me and my eyes welled with tears..I was so touched.

Read here: "This Is Not Goodbye"

Thanks so much Cathy! You are such a sweet and wonderful friend! I won't forget that about you! :)


Shoshana said...

Jocelyn, I'm always going to be grateful to you for helping me find other Filipino mommies. I was so busy getting pregnant and having kids that I didn't have time to socialized very much.

Will never forget and I'm echoing Cathy's sentiments. You're wonderful!

Tammy said...

I went over and read it. That is so sweet and you truly are a wonderful person and friend!